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It's not what you say...

It's how you say it.

Is your brand growing with value driven stories?

Visual media communicates like body language. It’s a storytelling art which evokes emotions. An editor can get people excited, but are they excited for the right reason? A story about good works can encourage selfishness. A story on gratitude can evoke compassion

We are expert video editors with wisdom & discernment to use the components of stories, such as scriptwriting, lighting, framing, and music, to communicate your values. Come with a basic concept, and we’ll walk with you to the final cut. Why consume time & money on shallow content when there’s a gold mine hidden in your raw footage? Let’s send the right message and mobilize influencers to your cause.

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John Doe
Hi! This is just some text. Nothing to show yet!
John Doe
Hi! This is just some text. Nothing to show yet!
John Doe

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Video editors create content,

Influencers create followers.

Let’s do both.

Ways to build community through responsible storytelling:

Mentor or Hero?

Why it’s important to not make yourself the hero of the story.

Tips to Filming with Dignity

Filming minorities at lower angles, and other tricks to avoid poverty porn.

The Full Church Scope.

Know the difference between analytical investors and spiritual intercessors.

How to Avoid Gaslighting. 

Viewers shouldn’t always be told how to feel.

         When your content evokes the best in people,

                               they will be drawn to the life in you.