Kristian Snow nice
Kristian Snow, Founder

The Vision

   “Tipa” is a Haitian Kreyole word for “a little bit”. We want to do our “little bit” to keep the world a brighter place. Founded in 2021 by media missionary Kristian Snow, Tipa LLC is about bringing a fresh new perspective of responsible storytelling.

   The most riveting, inspiring stories find their inspiration from rooted principles of life. Just like some foods lack whole, fresh ingredients, some media lacks that complete ‘nutritional’ component for healthy living. Don’t worry, we’re not asking people to eat broccoli! It’s learning to fuse all the metaphorical spices, vitamins and etc. of life together.

   Right now, the business is just one person: Snow. He is placing his first footprint in video editing, but dreams of building a team and expanding to other facets of media production. For the moment, he’s focusing on what brings out the best in viewers, and honing his craft to empower them.

Our Values

  Out of the heart, comes a person. Out of the person, comes a story. For us, it’s about fostering a culture of personal growth. If our hearts remain humble and authentic, we can value the perspectives & needs of others. Like the daily weeding & pruning of a gardener, it’s up to us to keep our hearts pure. We learn how stories affect people, and ask if our work is producing good fruit. It’s an honor and responsibility for us to create content for your audience. Our hope is that we inspire and challenge them to live up to their full potential. We want to breathe fresh life & nurture long-term character. What we ask from you, is that you know what your core values are, so we can do our best to capture that heart on screen.

Story of the Storyteller

   Kristian Snow was raised by missionary parents in Haiti. The creative & ambitious pup first entered the media landscape at 13 years old as a videographer for a local Christian TV program. Throughout his teenage and young adult years, Kristian was climbing buildings and wading through flash floods to produce media. As his worldview was being formed, he discovered how his true and false perceptions of reality affected the content and viewers. It was the beginning of a journey to work on his heart, so he could tell stories that made the world a better place.

   His escapades and challenges while volunteering for over a decade provided excellent training grounds! Hurricanes, earthquakes, violent political protests, Kristian was there with a camera asking, what’s behind the story?

   Since then, he’s produced a TV show, acted, hosted, taught at workshops, won a few awards and produced hundreds of news clips, documentaries and music videos. His work has primarily served non-profits and churches in both US & Haitian cultures.

  A high achiever, Kristian earned an Entertainment Business Bachelor’s Degree from Full Sail in 2020, along with Valedictorian, Advanced Achiever, and other awards. He’s been cultivating industry skills to lead a team in producing positive, uplifting content for Haiti. Tipa LLC is the beginning of it all; and he is excited to see where it goes!